Dan Shute, CEO and Founder of Creature of London, began his career as a grad at Ogilvy & Mather, many moons ago. After a couple of years working on BP, Castrol, and others, he moved inland to DLKW where he spent nearly a decade looking after a variety of accounts, including HBOS, Marie Curie Cancer Care, General Motors, the Department of Health, the Daily Mirror and the RAF.

Having risen to the dizzy heights of ‘Director of Engagement & Participation’ (a title he’s proud to say he came up with himself), he jumped ship to glue, where he spent a couple of years trying to persuade people that Nokias were better then iPhones. After that, setting up on his own with a bunch of Creative Directors from Mother seemed like a pretty relaxing career move. Creature now spend their time making TV ads, websites, apps, posters, events and more for Carling, Ryvita, Jordans, Adidas and more. He’s normally the one in the suit.

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