McDonald’s VP of Marketing Alistair Macrow Talks About Oystercatchers

Alistair Macrow VP of Marketing McDonaldsAlistair Macrow: They now help us with evaluating our agencies. It has always been an important area for us to make sure that we have a good evaluation process in place. But we perhaps haven’t always the amount of time in that we needed to, or worked out how best to do it, or how to involve our entire team. Oystercatchers have done that, and more importantly they have in helped us ensure that those reviews lead to definite actions.

Alistair Macrow: From our point of view, the thing that made Oystercatchers stand out from the competition was the extent to which they understood the creative process, the extent to which they spent time getting to know us as a client and what was going to work for us, as opposed to what the generic reply of an agency was. That is what really made the difference. They demonstrated an understanding of their industry, of our industry and the industry of the agencies that we were working with.

Alistair Macrow: Working with Oystercatchers has helped us to get a much better handle on the way that we work with other agencies, to spend time on critiquing and making sure that we don’t allow ourselves to get into bad habits. It’s very, very easy with such close trusted partners to allow things that you wouldn’t allow normally. Oystercatchers are helping us to address that and getting the best out of the way we work together. So we don’t just make great work, we actually enjoy making great work.