AI, AR, SR, robotics, data and digital… In today’s tech world, it’s important to remember that we are all human. Our customers are people. Our business partners all have personal lives too.

Our Managing Partner Vlad Komanicky argues that healthy agency/client relationships are built on personal collaboration – more than ever before to enable personalised customer experiences at scale.

In his new paper “Marketing success depends on the human touch” Vlad examines the changing dynamics of client-agency relationships and how to optimise the value of human relationships as business goes through transformation.

He uncovers R3 Worldwide Global 40 research that lists factors contributing to great global marriages, where traits common among the top 40 brand-agency relationships. These include:

  • openness to testing new ways of working
  • focus on outcomes not inputs – especially mutually common objectives
  • proper understanding of each other’s businesses
  • acknowledgement that quality face time is the best way to resolve issues despite proliferation of technology
  • benchmark and evaluation to constantly improve

Above all else, in a world now defined by digital metrics, Vlad argues, it is essential not to forget the power of human touch, empathy and The Big Idea.

Please link here to read the full Report – please download the PDF.

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