Matt CoombeMatt Coombe: The reason why we first started talking to Oystercatchers was because we were going through a bit of an agency restructure, we had a new strategy that we had to implement and a number of agencies that could potentially do one part of it, but not necessarily all of it. So we needed a bit of help in looking for a new agency that could effectively deliver a multifaceted strategy for us.

Matt Coombe: Oystercatchers certainly added a great deal of value through the process; we now have a new agency structure that delivers everything we need. And actually delivers it in a very different way than we potentially thought they could do at the beginning. As we went through the process something quite unusual happened and it was down to Oystercatchers that suggested this. We actually bought two of the pitching agencies together which is quite unusual and we’ve got a result that far exceeds our expectations.