Simon MorrisSimon Morris: So Lovefilm – we worked with Oystercatchers for the last few months; the beginning of 2010, throughout a process whereby we defined a brief, quite a tricky brief, for a partner across our mark-ons throughout the definition and into the long list, shortlist and ultimate appointment of the partner that we think is going to meet that brief. So we had a tough challenge and they were the right people to help us meet that challenge.

Sally Abbott: My experience of working with Peter Cowie and Oystercatchers in general has been faultless. I wouldn’t be here today and they’re not twisting my arm. It was great; it was really, really helpful on many levels. Helpful in terms of straightening our thinking and defining our thinking against a backdrop of their specialist market knowledge, so that’s one thing. Second thing – ultimately incredibly cost-effective, I think it saves a lot of my time; it saves a lot of the Lovefilm marketing team’s time just in terms of managing that process. So, whatever the cost – I shouldn’t say this should I – but whatever it cost it was well worth it, the opportunity of managing that process, the actual cost, the actual time cost of it would have been incredibly painful were it not for them. At the end of it, ultimately, but only was that successful but at the end of it we think we have found the partner that is right for us.

Sally Abbott: In all honesty, we have tried to do it before; we tried to do it ourselves. My point of view is that by using Peter Cowie and Oystercatchers in this process we did that to everyone’s benefit, but a lot more efficiently with a much better result and a lot quicker than we would have otherwise achieved that.