Last week our wonderful community raised over £13,000 to support Macmillan Cancer Support.

And Campaign is helping us to keep momentum going by sharing Suki’s personal journey. Suki writes:  Six years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a huge shock, not helped by the fact that Peter Cowie and I had recently launched Oystercatchers.

You have seen the Macmillan Cancer Support ad in which people tumble backwards? That’s how it feels: just like you have been hit by a juggernaut. But, as the campaign suggests, “no-one should face cancer alone” – and you don’t. I was overwhelmed by a wave of support, love and care from family, friends and even people I hardly knew. My house looked like a flower shop, I had more magazines than I had ever read and I became an expert on Midsomer Murders. Campaign Live: How adland came together to support cancer.

Meanwhile, Publicis‘ glorious cake created by creative director Gemma Corker which won Best Decorated Cake at our Macmillan Coffee Morning, leads Campaign’s best of social photos in this week’s edition.