Ian ArmstrongIan Armstrong: We worked with Oystercatchers on a couple of occasions now. I guess, primarily because the people that they have working in the business have a huge amount of experience of the industry, a great knowledge of how things work and the great understanding of different agencies and different relationships that exist within the industry already. So when you package it all back together it actually becomes quite a compelling argument to use those guys for various different activities that we have been doing.

Ian Armstrong: They are a great bunch of guys. So it’s a fun experience, it’s very clear, it’s very concise, the guys are very relaxed, they come across as being very confident. So a very clear process, and very clear direction and as a consequence of that, the job gets done efficiently and effectively.

Ian Armstrong: Oystercatchers add a lot of value because of the people that they employ and the experiences that they have got. And so you get added value along the way because of all the history that exists, and the people they know and the contacts that they know,  and the agencies they have experience of dealing with. So you get added value through the process. I think also because of the way in which they manage the agencies to take part in any activity that we are doing, then you get the additional value as a result of that.

Ian Armstrong: I think Oystercatchers are good because they understand my business, they understand what I need from a relationship with a strong agency, they are able to demonstrate a strong experiences in choosing and marrying different agencies and clients together. And I need someone that I can get on with and I can work with and I can kind of relate to. I think Oystercatchers have got a lot of people that tick all those particular boxes and for that reason I think they end up being a pretty good partner for us on many, many different levels and that’s why we use them.