Russ LidstoneRuss Lidstone: We’ve worked with Oystercatchers on a number of new business assignments, some which we’ve won and some which we’ve lost, but the really important thing is that they’re incredibly good to work with.  We have a very positive experience working with them for a number of reasons.  They are incredibly clear in their brief and what they expect from us, the agency.  The communication and the dialogue is very strong and that’s really important for an agency and I think fundamentally they want all parties (all agencies and clients taking part in the process) to benefit and get the best out of the process.  That’s a marketing communications role that is not just about having a favourite agency, that’s about trying to ensure that everyone does their best in the pitch process.

Russ Lidstone: It’s really important because pitches can be incredibly long, time consuming, costly experiences for all parties, and ensuring that you understand the remit of the pitch, the objectives, what the client is looking for, how you’re performing is fundamental to the end result which is ultimately three or four agencies walking into a pitch room at the end of the process and delivering a good result and making it almost difficult for the client to make up their mind.  The added value actually is in the intangibles; it’s the understanding of the client and the insight into the client that you get from Peter and Suki, it’s the clarity of communication, the on-going dialogue and ultimately the fact that I think you recognise it’s a level playing field with Oystercatchers.  It’s always about everyone trying to do their best to end up at a good place at the end of the process.