Authentic communication from the C-suite has lost its novelty, but has it gained in prevalence? Beyond the CEO, is social communication now a tool around the board table more broadly? What works to attract and engage an audience?

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The headlines are:

  1. Across 152 FTSE 100 executive directors, 84% have a public LinkedIn or Twitter account but only 5% post regularly.
  2. FTSE 100 companies are failing to disclose social media channels of their executives, apart from BP. And whilst FCA isn’t explicit, social media is a powerful tool - Elon Musk's twitter has been a focus for the SEC and we all know that Trump’s account was defined as official.
  3. The three doing it well are Bernhard Looney (BP), Alan Jope (Unilever), and Amanda Blanc (Aviva) - and what they have in common is that their content is personal & value-driven, it shows passion for topics beyond corporate news and they listen and engage.
  4. The number of unique followers is very high (98%), suggesting they are NOT a homogenous group and of those 95% are lurkers.
  5. Generally women are doing it better.
  6. Only one executive director has a professionally used public Instagram channel and funnily enough there are none using YouTube or TikTok in a professional capacity!

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