ESG and social media - FTSE 100 trends

ESG is much discussed, with companies announcing commitments daily.  But, how is this being expressed in social media? Does positive ESG performance drive positive social media sentiment around corporate reputation? 

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To assess this, we compiled a data set with all the FTSE 100 companies across the past 12 months, including their social Twitter sentiment around ESG-related, branded conversations,  ESG scores (using a combined index following this methodology by CDP and this one by MSCI), and share price movement over the same time period. 

What did we find?

Ultimately, scoring well on ESG does NOT, by itself, lead to positive social sentiment. It is not (at least yet) the main driver of social corporate reputation.

Digging into the nuances within this...

  • ESG is a relatively small part of social discussion around FTSE100 companies -
  • Trading performance matters more than ESG
  • Activation matters when it comes to ESG & reputation
  • Poor ESG performance doesn’t drive poor social reputation

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