What Works Where 2017 - The state of B2B digital in the UAE

By combining sharp analysis of current digital activity in the UAE with deep understanding of global digital best practice, we have produced a road map to help progressive businesses in the UAE to prosper. Our research was framed by a series of core objectives: • Identifying the key marketing objectives and role of digital • Gauge digital solutions used to meet these marketing objectives • Establish metrics used by B2B marketers to measure ROI of digital investments • Understand the fit between digital and local culture • Reveal the most effective social media channels for B2B marketing • Evaluate the right balance of in-house talent and external skills to deliver effective digital marketing programmes • Identify the key challenges in B2B digital for the future. Our 2017 research exclusively addresses the future of B2B digital marketing for the UAE. Where relevant, findings are supported by research across wider business arenas including the UK, EU and USA.

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