The Oystercatchers Club Network: A Users Guide

The Oystercatchers Club Network is a platform for agencies that are serious about their profile, the industry and new business. The platform structure is set, but how you use it is flexible, and rather than place restrictions on you as to number of case studies you can upload or news stories you can post, we ask you to use your judgement and play by the community rules.

The rules are:

No reposting content

Use tagging judiciously

Less is more. Too much content on your page and the good stuff will get lost, so delete as well as upload

Quality is king. The cream always rises to the top and it’ll be no different with your content. We can see all the analytics on what’s getting viewed, read, looked at, interacted with etc and the best of the content will not only be featured on the homepage, but also the potential to be shared across to Marketing Week. This isn’t somewhere for every piece of content ever, but a place to showcase the edited highlights.

Feedback rules. This is a community and your feedback matters. Call, email or comment on one of our posts.

Copyright and IP: You have responsibility to ensure that you have ownership of or permission to use any content you post on this site.

Our moderating ethos is inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy strategy ‘speak softly, and carry a big stick’. We’ll be light touch in regulating what you do, but if you abuse the platform your access will be locked whilst we resolve any issues.