Putting the customer at the heart of business, sounds obvious, but sadly can all too often be forgotten. Last week saw a cluster of inspiring leaders of successful businesses where customers are at the heart of everything they do.

Suki Thompson, our CEO, was joined on stage at London’s MayFair hotel by Feilim Mackle, UK Sales & Service Director, Telefónica UKCilla Snowball, CBE, Group Chairman & Group CEO, AMVBBDOTroy Warfield, Chief Commercial & Licensee Officer EMEA, Avis Budget Group and Kathryn Parsons, CEO & Co-Founder, Decoded.

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“If you can’t love your customer, you shouldn’t be in business” Cilla Snowball

“Marketing directors must decide if they want to save the customer or their career” Troy Warfield

“’If we’d called people customers we’d never have learned they were afraid. They’re human beings” Kathryn Parsons

“’Don’t sell to me, show me you understand me, then I’ll listen – at the heart of great customer service and great brands” Feilim Mackle

“Simplify complexity and make things easier for the customer. Explain as you would to your Mum” Cilla Snowball

“Adopt a store, walk the path of a customer, understand what they go through. Be a learning organisation” Troy Warfield

“Success comes to that little moment of truth, a moment to delight or disappoint the customer – and that moment is constantly changing” Feilim Mackle

“The under 15s today hold a huge amount of the nation’s future wealth in their heads” Kathryn Parsons

“No-one wants to be defined as a demographic” Cilla Snowball

“Marketers who fight as champions of the customer in the boardroom will build business” Troy Warfield

A big thank you to Feilim, Cilla, Troy and Kathryn and to our guests! The next Club event takes place on Tuesday 14th July, where we will be discussing marketing as a Force for Good.

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