Hillarys 'Don't Like, Love'

Red Brick Road launched its first multi-channel campaign for Hillarys, becoming the most successful in Hillarys’ history, with ROI at its highest-ever level, and with no wear-out showing of the campaign.

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Jul 26, 2019

Our Objective

Established in 1971, Hillarys is the UK and Ireland’s most successful direct-to-customer in-home manufacturer and retailer of made-to-measure blinds, curtains, awnings and shutters, introducing carpets and flooring into its portfolio in 2016. We were briefed to reinforce and reposition the Hillarys brand through a sharpened brand proposition and visual identity across TV, print, VOD, digital and social platforms. 

Our Solution

We identified that thousands of homeowners settle for just ‘liking’ their home, choosing to accept small flaws in their furnishings because they don’t ‘hate’ them... but they don’t love them either. So our campaign was a call-to-arms, imploring of consumers, ‘Don’t just like, love’, showcasing the Hillarys products and service that can effortlessly transform any room in your home. This campaign also made sense of Hillarys’ brand line ‘You’ll love what we do’, which had previously failed to land with consumers. 

Creating the first ever multi-channel brand response campaign for Hillarys, we encouraged consumers to take control of their homes and feel empowered to make those changes that they have never got round to, with Hillarys by their side as their trusted advisor. The campaign uses the insight that nothing can transform a room like new carpets or window furnishings, and showcases this disproportionate impact using Hillarys’ products. 

The brand response campaign launched in a bespoke Channel4 ‘takeover’ spot, ensuring attention, and alternates between ‘brand’ and ‘DR’ spots and messages throughout the year. We will have created 32 versions of the TV commercial in 2018 in total – reflective of how much testing and learning we put into TV advertising. 

We have also created print, digital and social brand response assets for the campaign. Additionally, we developed a complete brand architecture for Hillarys, to enable their partner agencies to execute other media channels in line with our brand vision – including web, CRM and e-commerce. 


Our DRTV activity is the most successful in Hillarys’ history, with ROI at its highest-ever level, and with no wear-out showing of the campaign.The Brand campaign has also met all of its targets including increasing brand preference from 5th to 2nd in the market, and reducing brand rejection; and brand consideration has increased by 3%. 

Paid social views have increased by 35% to 2,000,000+ to date, and we have achieved better than average cost-per- completed views. Digital display has outperformed previous campaigns, and overall brand impressions are up 35%. 

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Red Brick Road

Red Brick Road are an 12 year old independent agency based in London's Clerkenwell area. Our proposition is clear and focused: we specialize in creating ideas that get your brand a following. One where people cherish you, admire you and essentially become your media - ultimately generating a higher ROI. Our Team operate at the forefront of trends, tech and ideas. We are obsessed with not only getting our clients strong, game-changing results, but also with seeping their brand into culture and getting them under the skin of consumers. We believe in giving comms a long life, not a shelf-life. A brand without a following gets left behind.

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