McDonald’s had to develop better relationships with its agencies, and improve its internal Ways of Working if it was to deliver sustained growth and retention.


What started as a pitch for a digital agency very quickly grew into an ongoing, multi-faceted client relationship, trusting Oystercatchers for marketing management expertise.

We annually evaluate the relationships they have with their marcoms agencies and we have pioneered a new Tracker quant. evaluation tool, Optimise™, across all of their partner agencies.

Over seven years we’ve advised on their agency transformation model, conducted pitches (digital, education provider, franchisee recruitment, cost control) and created Ways of Working

McDonald’s are dedicated to becoming best in class global marketers, and they rely on Oystercatchers to provide sound expert advice to enable them to build strong, effective and lasting relationships with their agency partners in a modern and highly competitive marketing model.


McDonald’s has a stable, healthy, and efficient agency roster, a buoyant marketing team, and has seen an unprecedented growth for the past 47 quarters