EY required help in finding operational efficiencies, improved workflow, and developing a team capable of the continued delivery of high impact marketing in the modern world.


EY has become a significant case study for Oystercatchers based on the depth, complexity, and innovative way that we have worked together over several years.

Our consultancy has included a review of the global production activity for EY, mapping all internal process as part of this, including how more that 5,000 assets are managed, and how the production workflow could be transformed into a high-performing model. We also ran a global pitch to select a creative production partner, and facilitated the implementation of the digital management and workflow management automation solutions at a global level.

EY reception


In addition to this Oystercatchers also ran a global capability and training programme focused on developing Marketing capabilities in the Digital world, as well as a new Ways of Working that has enabled the marketing team to work efficiently and adapt with ease to the new model and automation tools.