Coming up soon – the latest in our Oystercatchers Club transformation evenings.

On 10th May, our debate will focus on purpose-led transformation with a stellar panel including Elizabeth Fagan, SVP & Managing Director, Walgreens Boots Alliance; Edward Pilkington, Marketing and Innovation Director, Diageo Europe; and, Tamara Ingram, CEO, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

In a world where consumer brand choice is based on meaningful and deep-seated connections we ask, how can brands drive positive social and political change?

How do brands and agencies collaborate to achieve purpose-led business goals?

Do purpose focused campaigns and business growth really go hand in hand?

What is the impact on the bottom line?

We’re looking forward to welcoming our Club members on Wednesday 10th May at 18.15 at The May Fair Hotel, London.

We’re also looking forward to lively debate!

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