“There’s no going back to the days of waiting for change to happen. We have to constantly evolve.” Suki Thompson, our Co-Founder and CEO, was invited to share her views on entrepreneurial leadership with Business Insider at this year’s Advertising Week Europe. Here is a quick snapshot of the interview…

How do you take employees with you when you are making change?

Change is hard for individuals and hard for a company.

I love the brilliant speech The Smell of the Place by Professor Sumantra Ghoshal transformational leadership, a must-watch for all leaders.

It explores corporate environments and how businesses frequently fail to create a positive work place.

In organisations, successful transformation is grounded in context and its impact on employee behaviour. Professor Sumantra uses the metaphor of downtown Calcutta in summer, this place makes him feel tired and lazy. The opposite is Fontainebleau forest in springtime, which makes him feel energised and enthusiastic. His view is that most companies have created “downtown Calcutta in summer”, grumbling that teams lack initiative, collaboration and failing to change the business.

The challenge? How do we change the context? How do we create Fontainebleau forest inside our companies?

Like the Professor, I believe that it’s leadership’s role to create a context that allows people to stretch, to trust and support each other.

What does it take to be an effective leader in 2017?

Ten years ago, leadership was mostly summed up as aggressive, domineering and most probably male. Leaders commanded and employees served. Today, thanks to rapid technology acceleration, seniority is irrelevant, no one person has the full answer. As a leader: vision, purpose, trust and authenticity are the pillars of success. We need to constantly think about our customers, our people and our shareholders.

Watch Suki’s full interview on screen: