Sandrine DesbarbieuxI’ve worked with Oystercatchers, because they came highly recommended from within the business with senior people within the organisation who had worked with them before. I guess the second reason why I worked with them is because they have an amazing network of consultants that you can tap into when you need to have knowledge and understanding. So for example I have worked with Terry Hunt from Tesco on acquisition, retention and loyalty, which was really interesting for us. I’ve worked with James Rennie for McDonald’s who is probably one of the best expert in media planning and buying, and also I think because they also are really good extension of your team in-house if you don’t have the resources or the skills. So, for example, recently I worked with Angus Crowther, who has led an amazing process for us for below the line integrated online and off-line agency. We are just at the end of this process and both agencies and clients on the pitch have said it has been the best process they have ever had.