Adrian_LettsAdrian Letts: We recently worked with Oystercatchers on our creative agency pitch. It was the first time we had ever appointed a creative agency so the selection criteria and the process was really important to us and we wanted to get that right. I think the most important thing that Oystercatchers did for us, is to help us understand what we should be looking for and help us understand how you evaluate agency – one versus another – and what are the softer things that you wouldn’t otherwise think of in terms of developing that relationship.

Adrian Letts: The additional things I think we didn’t really expect was, a deeper understanding of the personalities involved. It’s very easy to meet someone for the first time and go through a pitch process and be amazed and astounded by some of the things that come out of the pitch. But then the subtlety in terms of what are the characters like to work with, the sorts of things they have done before, the fact versus the story if you put it like that; and who really would be really working on the relationship on an ongoing basis. It’s all very well that you meet the greatest people at an agency, but they may not necessarily be the people that you work with day-to-day. I think that is very important, that something that we find extremely useful, was the insight.

Adrian Letts: What does an excellent client relationship look like to us? I think it’s about trust and mutual understanding. Particularly in our situation where its creativity and you are looking for engagement and you are looking to do something different. I think our relationship is very important to be brave with our creative agency, and trust each other and understand when it is right to be brave and when it is right to be not so brave, if you will. In an environment where you challenge proposition like ours, cut through engagement, awareness, understanding is very, very important. And if everybody believes in a common goal and has a clear understanding of what the common goal is, what message you are trying to project to the outside world, I think it works brilliantly. I think in a situation where not everybody is clear –  particularly you as the client – what it is that you want to do and what message you want to deliver and what your main reason for being is, I think it becomes quite difficult. I think a lot of the times client agency relationships don’t work because the client isn’t really clear on what they want versus the agency.

Adrian Letts: So what keeps me awake at night? So Blinkboxis a digital entertainment proposition, digital entertainment company. Our life and journey started as a digital movie on demand business. Now it is encompassing a digital music business and digital books business. And our biggest challenge I think is how do we provide something that is meaningful to customers in a way that is different and in a way that is useful, helpful and exciting. Digital entertainment is an emotional proposition. Everybody can tell you their favourite movie, everybody can tell you their favourite song, a lot of people can tell you their favourite book. Trusting this service and enjoying using that service is a very important thing for us and I think what I find really challenging, is how do you do it in such a way that is honest and real and not superficial? And I think in that way we’ve worked really well with Karmarama and they have helped us create a proposition that is different, that is enthusiastic, exciting, and energetic. Yet communicates an emotional ideal, which is that we are trying to deliver a fantastic customer experience – be it a fantastic movie experience, be it a fantastic book experience, be it a fantastic music experience – as we begin to think about those propositions and start to build on them. I think it’ll become a really exciting, really exciting.