Blackrock’s Director of Marketing Ian Marsh Talks About Oystercatchers

Ian MarshIan Marsh: Well Oystercatchers have helped us recently on a couple of things. One was helping us on media negotiations, and understanding the media marketplace. And what we should, as a client, be paying. The other most recent experience with Oystercatchers has been working with them on a creative agency pitch. We needed a new agency and working with Oystercatchers was great because they really get under the skin of what we as a business want. We are a B2B marketing organisation in the city and we didn’t want to go to the big creative houses, we needed an integrated agency and they really took time to understand what we wanted from our partnership, and then were able to direct us in the right way and they really understood what the agency offerings were and how the culture would have suited our culture as well.

Ian Marsh: I think the reason we chose Oystercatchers, rather than any other agency consultancy, was the fact that they are a bunch of experienced grown-up people who really take the time to understand us as a business. They have great experience of working with a variety of clients and also they really understand the agency network, which is great. But they weren’t in a world of selling agencies to us, they took the time to start with to find out how we worked as an organisation, what our culture was like, what we needed and then were able to work through the options with us and allow us to find out which was right for us. They weren’t selling to us at all. I think that understanding of our culture and our needs sets them apart from some of the other organisations, which perhaps are trying to sell a wide variety of agencies without necessarily tailoring the service to the client.