Alec Bec, Managing Director of It’s Nice That, joined us for a Lunch & Learn. Alec and his team believe passionately that creative inspiration should be available to everyone, no strings attached, and they champion the truly exciting and engaging work online, in print and through events.  We invited Alex to share some of his insights for success…

Alex writes:

We’ve grown from a tiny little online publisher finding content and championing it for no other reason than to satisfy our own personal passion, to a media platform with a global reach of over half a million creatively-savvy readers. We’ve learnt a number things along the way…. here’s a few:

1. We’ve always made content, we just never called it content

In the beginning we wrote articles about our favourite creatives, and put them on a website that a few people read. In 2007 this was classed as ‘blogging’ or ‘posting articles on a website’.

In 2015 this is now considered ‘content creation’, and is given real, monetary value by marketers and brands alike. Marketers may have had to give it a label to secure budget for it, but passionate publishers have always believed in the power of publishing interesting stories to an audience.

I believe classic journalistic skills are some of the most valuable you can have within a creative organisation. Regardless of size or speciality.

2. Publishers are the new agencies

Why? Because they have the fundamental storytelling skills and understanding of audiences to make brilliant content, and that’s essentially what agencies are being asked to deliver today.

If publishers can successfully complement their day to day skills with creative thinkers who take time to listen and collaborate then the sky’s the limit for the scale and effectiveness of communications they can create.

3. Passion and authenticity cannot be replaced

Regardless of how good your team, or, how big your platform – if the people working for you don’t believe in the company, or aren’t passionate for their subject, there’s little chance of creating good content.

The number of editorial teams created at agencies is on the increase, as they move to service their clients’ needs more holistically. To win, content being made within the agency walls must be consistently compelling and created from a starting point of passion and verve.  Some argue that being commercially driven, agencies may lack hunger and vitality – my take is that if you’re fantatical about creative content, stay true to your belief – authenticity will win out.

Great insights – helping us to continuously think outside the proverbial box. Thank you, Alex. You can hear more about It’s Nice That here.