Research by recruiters Spencer Stuart shows that in 2016 some 20 per cent of CEOs at FTSE 100 companies started off their careers in marketing or had worked as a chief marketing officer (CMO). This was true for 18 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs and 24 per cent of private equity bosses.

Raconteur reports that a deep understanding of customers, an eye for creativity and a penchant for bold strategic thinking are among the skills necessary to become a captain of industry – all part of the CMO skill-set. Consider Jill McDonald [Halfords & McDonald’s]; Paul Geddes [Direct Line], Dave Lewis [Tesco].

Suki Thompson, our CEO, commented that today’s marketers are more technologically literate, they typically have profit and loss responsibility, they might have a commercial aspect to their role, they become heavily involved in the digital side of things and in the consumer journey. “Therefore, a good CMO has broad skills and they are easily transferable.”

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