Paul GrovesPaul Groves: I work with Oystercatchers because they provide something that is fairly unique in the marketplace. So what they provided me was, it’s like a friend on the inside. They speak a language with the agencies that we use which no matter what we think on the client side we’re doing, they speak differently, so they get the best out of our agencies. They provide something independent and they provide some feedback and hard-hitting feedback when we need it to keep us on track.

Paul Groves: So for me, Oystercatchers are a bunch of people who are all cut from the same model – very practical, very pragmatic, they get what we are saying, they know where we are coming from, they take time to understand our business and then they deliver what they say they are going to do. The way Oystercatchers provide value for me, the way I was sum it up is that each time they recommend somebody that we work with they are putting their own reputation on the line. I don’t think you can get any greater guarantee of value than that. We plan to use Oystercatchers throughout the evolution of our business. We are a growing business, we are in 55 countries internationally and that is another angle that Oystercatchers offer. They spread just beyond the UK shores. As we start to develop our business in many other regions and countries around the world, we’ll be coming back to Oystercatchers.