2013 sees WACL mark its 90th anniversary. To celebrate this great milestone WACL did what it does best – and shared experience, knowledge, wit and wisdom in a little book “90 Pearls of Wisdom”.

WACL asked 90 WACL members what their one piece of sound advice would be; what would they pass on as a pearl of wisdom?

Suki’s pearl?

“Be fearless.  Fear is the root of so many barriers that women face. It’s just part of our DNA. For years I had been fearful: fearing failure, appearing stupid, not being liked. I feared being a bad mother, daughter, wife. Four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Now I ask myself – what is the worst that can happen? Anything less than death is surely not that bad. Now I have courage. I truly  believe that by being fearless you are more likely to achieve all that you want.”