Oystercatchers is a leading marketing consultancy who are experts in enabling agencies and brand teams to maximise their marketing performance through optimising their creative, strategic and media partnerships.

01. Optimise™

Evaluating and improving the strength and commitment of creative and strategic partnerships through our proprietory, industry-leading, 360˚ evaluation methodology Optimise™ .

02. Academy™

Delivering Marketing Excellence and best-in-class Ways of Working to Brand and agency teams through our Faculty of world-class trainers and coaches.

03. Agency Search and Selection

We draw upon our extensive knowledge of all aspects of the agency marketplace to create structures and mechanisms to support the optimal process for our clients.

04. Marketing Spend Optimisation

Delivering fair value for all through analysis and rigour of all aspects of brand and agency financial partnerships and spend.

Oystercatchers Latest News

Put customers at the heart of your business: Justin King and Martin Glenn @ Advertising Week Europe

Don’t punish failure; culture as the differentiator; agencies with a strong point of view… And the unequivocal key to success?  All good companies have marketing at their core or leaders who share that passion. Business titans Martin Glenn, CEO United Biscuits and President of The Marketing Society, and, Justin King, former CEO Sainsbury’s, shared these [...]

Western markets watch out: next 5 years will see African, Brazilian, Indian, Chinese agencies gain traction in mature markets

Richard Robinson forecasts a shaking out in Europe and the influx of new outside talent influencing the continent, in an interview with Advertising Week Europe. We kicked off this little #AWEurope podcasting shindig with Oystercatchers’s Suki Thompson. We continue to share their story with a conversation featuring Richard Robinson, Managing Partner. Like a 26.2 mile [...]

Asia Pacific sees growth of long term partnerships between clients and agencies

With marketing teams becoming leaner and increasing efficient in Asia Pacific, Oystercatchers looks at the power of marketing partnerships in the region.  See full article here.     

The Changing Role of the CMO

The Changing Role of the CMO thumbnail

Change and disruption is the new norm for the 21st century CMO. The customer journey has changed. Talent needs have changed. The business landscape is volatile and uncertain. So, how are CMOs tackling the biggest challenges of our time? What do clients want and what keeps them awake at night? According to panellist Nigel Vaz, [...]

MediaCom best-performing media agency 2013 in terms of new business

Campaign's School Report has crowned WPP's MediaCom the 2013 best performing media agency in new business.  Angus Crowther reviews the rankings. Click here to review full article 

Oystercatchers hosts “The CEO Interview” with Justin King and Martin Glenn, Advertising Week Europe 2014, 12 noon, April 2, BAFTA

Advertising Week Europe brings together the glittering world of business leadership and influencers. We’re proud to announce that Suki Thompson will be on stage in discussion with two of today’s most successful CEOs:  Sainsbury’s Justin King CBE, and Martin Glenn , United Biscuits. In the run up to the event, Suki has been interviewed by Advertising [...]

Oystercatchers launches in Asia-Pacific

We are delighted to expand our offering into Asia-Pacific  in response to European clients looking to up skill marketing talent in the region.  Led by former P&G and Nestlé marketer Gillian Harrison, we  have opened for business  in Hong Kong and plan to roll out to China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India. We have already started [...]

Building the bridge between marketing and IT: The changing role of the CMO

Oystercatchers Club, 25 March, London, May Fair Hotel Oystercatchers predicts that marketing directors will need to embrace technology to develop their role and remit. Understanding the language of business will be paramount if they are going to win the uber role of CMTO (chief marketing and technology officer) which will see a rise in 2014 [...]

Two birds, one stone: ad land’s talent search can only improve social mobility: The Guardian

As the search for new creative talent intensifies, ad land is trying to widen the social make-up of its talent pool, giving hope to young job seekers - The Guardian reports from Oystercatchers Club... See full article here

The Benefit of Youth – Oystercatchers Club Evening 28th Jan 2014

“Brands are more powerful than politics”; “Give kids confidence: mentor them, speak to them, challenge them”; “kids know when they’re being played”. Powerful thinking and insights into challenges faced by youth today and how they engage with brands emerged from last night’s Oystercatchers’ Club event at London’s May Fair hotel. Shaun Bailey, the Prime Minister’s [...]

The Benefit of Youth: Our first Oystercatchers’ Club evening of 2014

Brands that make life easier, more fun or help to save money are highly rated by young people according to a report by youth researchers Voxburner. We have brought together a collection of people with provocative views to debate this hot issue: Sean Bailey  – David Cameron’s  special adviser on youth and crime; Kathryn Jacobs – [...]

The Guardian: 2014 agency predictions highlight need for speed and agility

Quick-fire creativity and the ability to adapt to new situations quickly are the common themes outlined by a number of agency leaders in this 2014 agency predictions round up... Click here for full article  

Congratulations to our award winners: Creature of London, TMW, DigitasLBi and Isobel

Last night, UK marketing movers and shakers gathered at The Barbican Centre to celebrate the 2013 Oystercatchers’ Awards. Trophies were carried off by Creature of London, TMW, DigitasLBi and Isobel ... Last year we launched the awards simply because we wanted to celebrate innovative new business practice, and to recognise the blood, sweat and tears [...]

Marketers move from pitch to partnership. Suki shares her views in Marketing.

Suki Thomson

Over the past 12 months we have noted that 75% of our clients have decided to invest in relationship management, training and coaching rather than pitch their agencies. Marketers, it would seem, are moving from pitch to partnership for commercial success in a rapidly changing world.  Please click here to read more

Richard charts the explosive growth of creative talent in Africa with Jon Akwue for Campaign

Richard charts the explosive growth of creative talent in Africa with Jon Akwue for Campaign thumbnail

Richard has spent time helping Africa to build brands and businesses. His work has taken him to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa. He shares his insights and thoughts on "Africa Rising" and the new wave of creativity exploding out of this continent. Link to full article In 2000, The Economist declared that Africa was [...]